New York Style Hair Salon  K STUDIO NEWYORK
20 Years experience in NY as a hair styjist For first time visitors or for those of you who return with a friend. This discount applies to English speakers only. Don't worry. K studio NY is specialized in the type of your hair.
Keiko and Hiroshi Fukumoto have been in the heart of NYC for the past 20 years. Being owners of K studio NY on 54th street and Madison avenue,Thy take pride in serving their clients, including celebrities such as Sara Jessica Parker ,Matthew Broderick, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss with their advanced hairdressing skills.In 2007 Keiko & Hiroshi relocated back to KSNY in Osaka. K studio NY, a full service salon, reflects their overseas experience.
Appointment is available  (06) 6371-9033 / Call and ask for Hiroshi or Keiko.
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5-2-22 Toyosaki 2FL Kita-ku Osaka 531-0072 06-6371-9033