salon concept
salon concept
K studio N 「Keep」challenging to 「keep 」top quality of hair fashion for you. We worry about your own 「style.」 That is our「style」. Your hair must be beautiful. Stay 「natural」. Stay yourself. 「You will」 get it at K studio NY.
To keep service quality Horoshi & keiko work for one hour for a haircut.
Hair cutting
When cutting hair, Keiko & Hiroshi work with wet hair to get a precise cutting line and then work with dry hair to give attention to each individual strand.  This precise hair cutting technique is called 4 DIMENSION.

This hair cutting technique provides you with care- free hair. Just wash, dry and see your style appear. Your everyday hair will look even more beautiful than at the salon. You can change your hairstyle easily with the help of a blow dryer or styling products.

This latest haircutting technique discovered by Keiko & Hiroshi guarantees that you won`t have a bad hair day again.

Hair colorig
Keiko is recognized by many celebrities in NYC for her hair coloring expertise.
You can expect the best in hair coloring here at KSNY Osaka, Japan.

Hiroshi & Keiko work for various Magazines, TV, Movies and fashion shows as hair & make-up artists. 
KSNY’s unique creativity and high standards are known in the fashion industry.

Keiko and Hiroshi invite you to join them and experience a warm, calm and soothing atmosphere;
Let them demonstrate their ability and professionalism while you enjoy nothing but relaxation.

Keiko & Hiroshi are highly trained in all types of hair.
Where other salons may be hesitant, Keiko & Hiroshi welcome a mixed clientele.

5-2-22 Toyosaki 2FL Kita-ku Osaka 531-0072 06-6371-9033