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The stylists in KSNY perform "photo shooting" besides a salon work. The photo shot that imagination and technology a high professional level of is required stimulates stylists and reflect the style at the salon.That make it possible the stylists offer a high hair fashion. h-17 h-16 h-15 h-14 h-13 h-12 h-11 h-10 h-09 h-08 h-07 h-06 h-05 h-04 h-03 h-02 h-01 k-22 k-21 k-20 k-19 k-18 k-17 k-16 k-15 k-14 k-13 k-12 k-11 k-10 k-09 k-08 k-07 k-06 k-05 k-04 k-03 k-02 k-01
5-2-22 Toyosaki 2FL Kita-ku Osaka 531-0072 06-6371-9033