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20 Years experience in NY as hair stylist.

Keiko and Hiroshi Fukumoto have been in the heart of NYC for the past 20 years.
Being owners of K studio NY on 54th street and Madison avenue,Thy take pride in serving their clients, including celebrities such as Sara Jessica Parker ,Matthew Broderick, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss with their advanced hairdressing skills.
In 2007 Keiko & Hiroshi relocated back to KSNY in Osaka. K studio NY, a full service salon, reflects their overseas experience.




    • OFF DAY:Mon / Tue
    • OPEN
    • Wed - Sat 10:00am - 19:00pm
      Sun/Hol 10:00am - 18:00pm
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    4-11 Tsurunocho Apt 1508 Asahi Plaza Umeda Kita-ku Osaka 530-0014 Japan.
    Hankyu kobe line / 5 minutes walk of Umeda hankyu station.
    Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line / 8 minutes walk of Nakazaki-cho subway station.

NY's sensitivity and Japanese hospitality.

When cutting hair, Keiko & Hiroshi work with wet hair to get a precise cutting line and then work with dry hair to give attention to each individual strand.
This precise hair cutting technique is called 4 DIMENSION.This hair cutting technique provides you with care- free hair.
Just wash, dry and see your style appear.
Your everyday hair will look even more beautiful than at the salon.
You can change your hairstyle easily with the help of a blow dryer or styling products.

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  • (Tax not included)

    □ ¥5,500


    □ ¥1,500


    □ S : ¥4,500
    □ M : ¥5,000
    □ L : ¥6,000 and up


    □ S : ¥5,000
    □ M : ¥5,500
    □ L : ¥6,000 and up


    □ S : ¥11,000 and up
    □ SM : ¥12,000 and up
    □ M : ¥13,000 and up
    □ L : ¥14,000 and up


    □ ¥3,000 and up


    ( Hair cut not included )
    □ S : ¥18,000 and up
    □ M : ¥21,000 and up
    □ L : ¥26,000 and up
    □ WL : ¥30,000 and up


    ( Up do, Down set )
    □ ¥4,500 and up


    □ ¥5,000 and up


    ( Keiko )
    □ ¥20,000 and up

  • (Tax not included)

    □ S :¥6,000 and up
    □ M :¥7,000 and up
    □ ML :¥8,000 and up
    □ L :¥8,500 and up
    □ WL :¥10,000 and up


    □ S :¥10,000 and up
    □ M :¥12,000 and up
    □ ML :¥14,000 and up
    □ L :¥16,000 and up

  • ※ Price can be different depend on the type of service and the length of hair.
  • Keiko Fukumoto
  • Keiko Fukumoto
    [owner stylist]

    Keiko FukumotoKe is born in Osaka.After being promoted to a director of the salon in Osaka, Keiko won many hair fashion contest in Japan. Meanwhile she plaid an active part as a hair and make up artist for magazine TV movie and fashion show. She visited NY for the job as a hair and make up artist for the first time, and she was deeply impressed by the hair fashion in NY. In 1990 she moved to NY and started her carrier as a hairstylist. In 1993 she became the salon partner Shin & Masami at 47th street and Lexington Ave. In 1994 she established K studio NY inc that is the hair and make up agency in NY. In 1994 she opened the beauty salon K studio NY in Osaka Japan. In 1998 she opened the beauty salon K studio NY be salon in New York 54th street on Madison Ave with Hiroshi. Lot of people visited K studio NY includes celebrities such as Madonna, Meg Ryan, Keith Richards Michael Bolton, Charlie Sheen,Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour, Kate Moss, Sara J. parker, Matthew Broderick, Marisa Tomei and Christopher Reeve. Through the work such as TV, a magazine, the commercial,Movie and fashion show Keiko took charge of many famous people such as Michael Bolton, Charlie Sheen, Mr. children, Asaka-Seto, DownTown. In 2007 Keiko relocated back to KSNY in Osaka with Hiroshi.
  • Hiroshi Fukumoto
  • Hiroshi Fukumoto
    [owner stylist]

    Hiroshi is born in Tokushima Japan. In 1973 he moved to London UK. In 1975 he moved to Paris France. He was trained at Vidal Sassoon in London and at Jean Louis David in Paris. After 4 years experience in Europe he moved back to hishome town Tokushima. In 1997 he moved to NY USA. In 1998 he graduated Wilfred Beauty Academy Advanced Course on Broadway NY. Hiroshi worked for a couple of the most famous salons of the world in NY like Peppino Buccari, Pierre-Michel, Roger Thompson as a top stylist. In 1998 he got together with his wife Keiko and opened K studio NY be salon in New York. For 20 years carrier in NY Hiroshi was engaged in the hair of a lot of celebrities clients such as Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour, Kate Moss, Sara Jessica parker, Matthew Broderick, Marisa Tomei.He pursue a hair style only by cutting according to the philosophy that "the hair is the most beautiful among the human body". When you dry your hair natural, you get the style. That is your own style nobody else's. Sake your hair, your hair must be beautiful anytime anyday, because it is a part of your body. Of course Hiroshi can give you an excellent blow dry. That is a part of his main job.
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A company profile

K STUDIO NEW YORK Co., Ltd. supports healing and hair life of the relaxation through beauty business.
K STUDIO NEW YORK would like to offer nice and relaxing space not only for a cut and the color but also for stopping by for a cup of coffee or consultation. K STUDIO NEW YORK wish their clients would make themselves at home.
    • Company name
    • K STUDIO NEW YORK Co., Ltd.
    • Establishment
    • September 21, 1994
    • President Director officer
      Representative Director
    • Fukumoto Hiroshi
      Keiko Fukumoto
    • Capital
    • ¥10,000,000
    • Business Contens
    • 1.Beauty business
      2.Consulting beauty business about the management
      3.Wholesale and the retailof the beauty products
      4.Anything as to the beauty business and the beauty industry
    • Location
    • 4-11 Tsurunocho Apt 1508 Asahi Plaza Umeda Kita-ku Osaka Japan.
    • Telephone/Fax
    • 06-6371-9033
    • A Banker
    • Kita Osaka Credit Union Umeda branch
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Community salon

K STUDIO NEW YORK focuses on the individual client as welll as the company overall.
K STUDIO NEW YORK provides various hair design and make-up professional services at affordable royalty fees for photographs, movies, websites, TV, Magazines, Commercials, and print material. With over 20years of expertise and being at the top of our industry, we look forward to working with you to help you reach the top of your industry.Our clientele base of top professionals, including writers, engineers, fashion stylists, photographers, and graphic designers is ever growing.
Find out how your business can benefit from our forums, blogs and links to our professional creative artist community.

Please refer by a telephone or an email.

  • OPEN
  • Wed - Sat 10:00am - 19:00pm
    Sun / Hol 10:00am - 18:00pm
  • 4-11 Tsurunocho Apt 1508 Asahi Plaza Umeda Kita-ku Osaka 530-0014 Japan.
  • Please refrain from inquiries such as sales.

4-11 Tsurunocho Apt 1508 Asahi Plaza Umeda Kita-ku Osaka 530-0014 Japan.

Adult luxury hair salon

Limited 4 seats small salon. A very comfortable adult luxury salon.
Sophisticated and simple cut of NY stylist stylist and elegant The finish is very popular with adult women!
A large number of proud headsGood menu such as spa.
Polite to deliver higher-grade hair.
We will deliver the technology.

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Photo shooting

The stylists in KSNY perform "photo shooting" besides a salon work.
The photo shoot that imagination and technology a high professional level of is required stimulayes stylists and reflect the style at the salon.
That make it possible the stylists offer a high hair fashon.